PhotoFAB Ultralite | Retail graphic application

PhotoFAB® Ultra-Lite

PhotoFAB® Ultra-Lite is a 4 mil coated matte white fabric laminated with an ultra-removable adhesive and stay flat liner. It’s the wide format media of choice for large colorful murals and panels.

Custom sizes available, minimum order and lead-time required.


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PhotoFAB® Ultra-Lite is a lightweight coated 100% polyester fine weave product that’s ideal for photographic applications where you want to apply your image directly to most any surface, then remove or reposition it on demand.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Greater opacity, which will allow for less see-through of the surface it is applied to.
  • High print density, allowing for photo realistic imaging and fine line details.
  • Doesn’t exhibit edge fray when cut (either friction feed or X-Acto knife). Dimensionally stable allowing for stretch free removal and re-applying without image distortion.
  • Higher end look and feel.
  • Full print to the edge silhouette capabilities without premature failure. Other fabric products can prematurely fail on walls because their adhesive cannot handle the exposure to solvent inks or the UV Cure lamps.
  • Manufactured in the USA using chemistry perfect coatings (no heavy metals or phthalates).


With its bright white and opaque features our PhotoFAB® products provide:

  • Excellent hiding power
  • Anti-fray cuts with friction feed and razor
  • Large color gamut
  • Fine dot and line definition
  • Ease of installation and removal of large wall murals and panels


Ideal for finished surfaces that are flat, smooth and clean. Premium interior applications for sealed walls, displays, glass, film, cabinets, metal and plastic. Promotional outdoor applications including vehicles, bus shelters, sandwich boards, doors and windows. Note: Minimum application temperature above 40˚F.


Latex, Eco-Solvent/Solvent and UV Cure


Product Code: PS416 30″, 54″, 60″ x 100′ on 3″ cores
Caliper: 5 mil fabric and adhesive combination
Shelf Life: 6 months (storage conditions 70˚ F & 50% humidity)
Adhesive/Adhesion: Acrylic removable adhesive. 4 to 12 oz./in. Per PSTC-101 Method. Pretest all surfaces before Production.
White Point: 95* value
Tips & Tricks: Allow prints to completely dry before application; especially any solvents. Failure to do so may facilitate the penetration of the solvents causing product failure. Surfaces must be clean, dry and within application temperature range before application